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all this bad blood here;

won't you let it dry?

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Name:Gene Khan
Birthdate:Nov 30
Location:Hong Kong


oh sinnerman, where you gonna run to?


" had been [Mairon's] virtue (and therefore also the cause of his fall ...) that he loved order and coordination, and disliked all confusion and wasteful friction." - JRR Tolkien, "The History of Middle-earth: Morgoth's Ring"
Sauron's original name was Mairon (the Admirable), but this name was changed to Sauron after he joined Melkor. However, during the Second Age Sauron continued to call himself Tar-Mairon (Lord Mairon).

The year is 2019. The Mandarin has been in self-imposed exile both on- and off-planet since the Makluan invasion seven years prior, atoning for his mistakes as best he can while evading anyone - especially the Starks - who may want to find him. New developments at Stark International, though, are causing him to come in from the cold at last...

This is a roleplay journal for Gene Khan/The Mandarin from Iron Man: Armored Adventures, set seven years after the conclusion of the show. Mun and muse are over eighteen.

» Age: 24
» PB: Chang Chen
» Status: on the run
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